How To Buy


(1)  Select an products options
(2) add quantity
(3) “Add to cart”.

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(1)  Click on cart icon to review your products.
(2)  Manage cart products.

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In this page you may check your items before checkout.
(1) Delete unwanted items.
(2) Add more quantity, then select “Update Cart”.
(3) Then click “Proceed to checkout” (4) process to checkout.

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(1)  If you are a member with us please sign in or  sign up , you can use your phone number or e-mail to sign up .
(2)  Enter your full address to get shipping option.
(3)  Please accept out agreement then  “Place order”.
***Note  Our system calculate shipping cost based on distance and weight and it is still  relative cost so our company
staff have the reserves right to change shipping cost. Once they get your correct location

“Once you place your order Please do not make any payment “
5.1. When we  get  your order our staff will contact you within 5 minutes to confirm your order then you can make
a payment.

5.2. Our staff will call you back . To confirm order and transportation location.
If  you have Line kindly Add our line then share your delivery location .

5.3. In case if change your delivery location we would love you know that we will calculate a new shipping cost
and send a new quotation to  you by an email, or Line.

You could pay according  the channel posted on the website.

Once you done your payment please send us a proof Via. an Email , Line or on our website through this link  . “”

Customers pay according to the channel posted on the website.
Payment proof checker and notify customers about the estimated time of delivery to the customer on the channel, sms, line or email.